With the popularity of “Throwback Thursday” posts on social media in recent years and the comeback of vinyl records and the Polaroid camera, it would seem many people around the globe engage in and enjoy nostalgia.

We thought it would be interesting to find out whether indulging in nostalgic behavior was good for us?

 It turns out that yes, nostalgia offers many benefits.

 The New York Times profiled a decade-long study about the effects of nostalgia directed by Dr. Constantine Sedikides of the University of Southampton. Dr. Sedikides discovered that nostalgia helps with loneliness, encourages generosity between strangers, helps people feel closer as they relive happy memories together, and on chilly days people can use nostalgia to feel warmer.   

Psychology Today reports that research has shown nostalgia to help improve mood, make people feel more connected, and help people cope when feeling stressed.

Recapturing the past can be highly beneficial for the elderly in our society who are prone to feeling lonely and isolated. Enjoying past familiar memories has been found to help gain a more positive outlook and sense of purpose as people recall stories to share and wisdom from another era to pass on.

Lastly, nostalgia has been shown to foster creativity.  

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