Have questions?
You’re not alone.


Here are common questions we hear all the time.


What media formats can you convert?

Virtually anything that’s out there. Check out our complete list here. 

What’s the difference between using Memory Lane and using an online service?

All work is done in our studio, so there’s never a shipping or handling fee. Your files are less likely to get damaged or lost and you always know who’s handling your order. If your tape or film is blank we will refund the full price. When you ship your tapes away there is NO refund. You will not be charged an annual recurring fee for backup subscription.

How long will it take to process my order?

We can take care of small orders within 24 hours. However, larger orders can take 2-3 weeks depending on size.

Can I see footage before I decide to transfer it?

Yes! We have a viewing room for you to look through all your old footage before placing your order.

How much will it cost?

Prices all vary depending on size and scope of your order.

Can you convert photos, negatives or slides?

The answer is yes to photos and slides.. but NO to negatives..

Can you repair damaged media?

Yes, we can repair damaged tapes in some cases.

Can you transfer LP’s and cassettes to .mpg3 or wave file?


Which format is my video footage transferred to?

All video is transferred to universal H264/MP4. LP’s and cassettes got to CD’s or MP3 files.

What will you store my digital files on?

To ensure the highest quality transfers, we only use our brand new flash drives and CD’s we provide for media storing.

Do I get my old media back after the transfer process?


Can you edit my pictures together to make a slide show for my event?

Yes, for an additional charge.

Can I pick and choose what part of a VHS I want transferred?

Yes, but that’s an additional charge because we have to watch the tape and set timers, instead of just performing a straight transfer.

I have pictures on my phone I want transferred and put on flash drive or a picture show.. can you do that?

Yes, but we prefer you download your specific pictures onto a device or upload to a cloud to make it easier put together for you.

Can you add music to my pictures or video?

Yes, for an additional charge.

Can you make copies of my own DVD or CD?


I have 8X10 pictures I want to put into a picture collage. Can you do that?